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Take an Adventure with River of Swamps Boat Tours

Authentic Atchafalaya Basin Swamp Tours

River of Swamps Boat Tours operates between Baton Rouge and Lafayette, LA in an area known as the Atchafalaya River Basin. This rich natural swampland is best experienced with local outdoorsman, Ronnie Briscoe. Ronnie can show you areas not seen by tourists and help you make memories to last a lifetime.

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Your Swamp Tour Guide Says...

What makes this boat tour awesome?

basin swamp tour

Because I use a smaller boat, with only six passengers max, I have the ability to venture deep into the magical swamps of the Atchafalaya Basin, where air boats and bigger boats cannot go. Therefore, I provide a personalized swamp tour without sacrificing the comfort of a bigger boat. My boat is powered by an outboard motor that is not loud as an airboat which takes away the natural sounds and quietness of the natural swamp environment with virtually no effects to the wildlife.

Swamp Tours and Guided Fishing Trips

True Louisiana Boating Experiences

Basin Swamp Tour

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Swamp Wildlife Tour

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More Boat Tour Options

Cajun Crawfish Experience

See how the Cajuns do it! Venture into the swamp to find our crawfish traps and help harvest your own sack of true Louisiana crawfish. Contact Ronnie for more info and booking information. 


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Have questions about our tours? Call Ronnie at [337]-257-4889 or give him a shout here. 

Thanks for reaching out, we'll be in touch!

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