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What can I Expect on this Louisiana Swamp Tour?

My tour lasts from a minimum of two or three hours, depending on which area customers book. Due to the long length of the tour and the fact that it is personalized makes my tour the best value in Louisiana. If you are only traveling through Louisiana once and your time is limited, a swamp tour into the interior of the Atchafalya Basin is where you want to travel!

We will be exploring part of largest contiguous forested wetland in North America, the Atchafalaya Basin. The average difference in water levels from season to season can be as much as 8-9 feet depending on the amount of water coming from the Mississippi River. As the water rises and falls, it provides different habitats for different flora and fauna, making every swamp tour truly unique. We will experience breathtaking views, cypress trees, local culture, and native wildlife.  We may even check and bait crawfish traps and fishing nets just like the commercial Fisherman do that make a living in the swamps. On occasions, we may stop and meet commercial Fisherman. During dry season (fall) we make get out of the boat and walk through a cypress forest. This tour is a great adventure for people of all ages. 

Who is my Cajun Swamp Tour Guide?

My name is Ronnie Briscoe. I am the holder of a United States Coast Guard Captains License. I am legally licensed to provide tours and fishing trips in Louisiana. Always ask your tour guide to show you his or her USCG license before you board their vessel. I am trained for water navigation, safety, and first aid, with thousands of hours on the water and woods in and near the Atchafalya Basin. I have recreational and commercial fished for different species of fish, using rod and reels, crawfish traps, hoop nets and other methods, traveling the west side of the Atchafalya River Basin by boat, looking for those out of the way

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Will we Feed Wild Alligators?

This is not a alligator tour. We see only wild alligators in their natural habitat. We do not feed alligators or any wildlife. American alligators are more timid and less aggressive than people think. They are naturally afraid of people. It is rare for a human to be attacked by an alligator. Attacks are more likely when an alligator is being fed or if it is around people often. This makes them used to people and they become less afraid of humans. These type of alligators are more likely to become a nuisance and possibly dangerous and end up being killed or relocated. However, wild alligators tend to stray away from the sight of humans unless you are too close to their nest or their baby alligators We strive to provide the most genuine and authentic experience possible. Feeding wildlife consistently encourages animals to become reliant on that food source rather than feeding naturally. Besides, there are plenty of species of fish and shellfish that they can snack on in the Atchafalaya Basin! 

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About Alligators
Meet the Boat Captain
Tour Reviews

R. Williams

Great fun and experience. My family and I had a great time with Ronnie on the swamp if a swamp tour is what you want I HIGHLY recommend River of swamp boat tours.


This is a great tour!!!

Our family (including an almost 3 year old lil girl) went on the long tour with Ronnie around the middle of August. It was very nice, informative, beautiful scenery. Ronnie is a fantastic guide!

Tour Location Info

Where will the Cajun Swamp Tours Start?

My swamp tours adventures will begin from two different boat launch areas. One, by far, even if it’s out of the way, will be the best for customers who want to travel into the interior of the basin, will last for three hours, will be out of the Bayou Bennoit boat landing on the West Atchafalya Basin Levee near Lake Fauscee Point State Park. The second area will be from the public boat launch between the Interstate 10 bridge at the Butte LaRose exit. This tour will last about two hours. Even though it’s not like my interior basin swamp tour, you will still get a good feel for how things are in the Atchafalya Basin swamp. Plenty of alligators and wildlife If customers don’t have a lot time this is a great area to explore.

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